Product Details

WebDrive integrates a web or FTP server into the Windows desktop by mapping a network drive letter to it.  This allows you to manipulate files on your remote server as if they were on a local hard disk.  For example you can edit files using your favorite editor directly on your site, or use the Windows explorer or DOS prompt to copy/move files.  WebDrive instantly Internet enables any Windows application.

WebDrive can connect to FTP, Microsoft FrontPage, or WebDAV servers.

WebDrive Site Manager
Use the site manager to define the servers you wish to map drive letters to. Enter the server URL and your username and password and press connect to map the selected drive letter to your server.
WebDrive Site Manager Dialog
Use the Windows Explorer, not an explorer like interface.
Since WebDrive makes your web server appear as a network drive there is no need for custom user interfaces to do standard file operations, just use the applications you would normally use to manipulate files on your hard disk.
WebDrive FTP Client Explorer Screen Shot !
MS-DOS Prompt
Once WebDrive has mapped a drive to your server, you can access it like a local drive. Use a DOS-Prompt to use commands like copy, xcopy, mkdir, dir, move, etc.
WebDrive FTP Software DOS Prompt Screen Shot
Instantly Internet Enable any application
Use WebDrive to manipulate files on your server with your favorite applications. For example, you can use Microsoft backup to create backup your web site, by simply selecting drive X: to backup.
WebDrive FTP Client MS Backup Screen Shot
WebDrive has the following features:

Microsoft FrontPage Support – Connect to any website running the Microsoft FrontPage extensions.

FTP Support – WebDrive supports most FTP servers including, Unix, NT, VMS, IBM MVS, Macintosh, Novell, AS/400 and many more.

WebDAV Support – WebDrive supports the WebDAV protocol which is an extension to the HTTP protocol.

bullet.gif (870 bytes) Secure HTTP – Use SSL on the Windows NT and Windows 2000 platform to your DAV or FrontPage server. SSL is not currently supported on the Windows 98/ME platform.

FTP Firewall/Proxy server support – Login through a variety of proxy servers and firewalls, including MS proxy 2.0, SOCKS 4.3 and SOCKS 5, and Raptor (gwpasswd)

File Caching – WebDrive caches both file and directory listings for quick access. You can control the amount of disk space used for the cache, and whether to cache files, directory listings, or both.

Advanced Features – Many advanced features including FTP resume interrupted download, support for Unix file attributes through an explorer shell extension as well as a command line utility, options to transfer files in ASCII/Binary mode based on file extension. For full details see the help file.