Fashion Trends One Needs to Learn At VIBE Apparel Co

Year after year fashion experts take some of their favorites of the previous year and reinvent them for the next seasons through some interesting ways. That is why to get into fashion one does not have to break her bank account in buying the latest trends in the fashion arena. All she requires is having the basics to pair off with the newest styles. In today’s fashion, the trends are changing as discussed below. More information on vibe apparel co on vibeapparelco.

What is expected this year?

  • Gender neutral fashion – genderless look like the gender –neutral apparel in order to revolutionize the way clothes are perceived and used.
  • Ultra Feminine Trend – this will still be promoted like the floral, stripes, ruffles and bows in light materials while incorporating some accessories to bring your outfit a fresher look.
  • Metallic are still in for those in the limelight mostly in futuristic styles but for daily wear, there are the jumpsuits and the crepe dresses.
  • Capsule wardrobes in easy coordinated pieces are also in monochromatic look. Check them out at VIBE Apparel Co.
  • Wide pallets of colors are also in with shades filled with saturated sentiments of today’s lifestyles.
  • Suits of the 80s will still continue its presence when paired with graphic print shirts. The suit separates are said to be making a comeback which into a more balanced outfit that makes it less formal and stuffy.
  • Pastels are even continuing bringing variety to the otherwise dark or neutral colors. But commonly it is not totally pure pastels from head to toe; rather it is in combination with dark shades of black and navy hues. This brings freshens the wardrobe to make it even into a not so specific season. 


Trends in fashion are not limited and it even loves to break its own rules when it comes to colors and other aspects to give variations, style and sense of difference.