Different Halloween Red Contact Lenses That You Have to Know About

Seasons are easily changing. We don’t feel it that much but yesterday, it’s still summer while now, the rainy season is about to be over. Another important occasion is about to come and that is Halloween. We all want to celebrate this exciting event with our friends and family. Our neighbors are also waiting for our tricks and ready to give their treats. But, are you ready? Do you have any idea how to make this even wonderful for everyone? If you don’t have anything in mind yet, take a look at my suggestions below.

You can pretend to be a fairy or a superhero but that’s what you already did back when you are a kid. Let us get you more mature. Let yourself stand out among the crowd by exploring these different Halloween red contact lenses that you are yet to find out.

White Out Contact Lenses – use this to make your pupils and iris disappear and you will look like a totally blind person. You can pretend like the blind witch from Hansel and Gretel. Stop trying to be the hero. It’s time to be the villain. Attract those kids, scare them until they freak out. You would want to have some fake long nails together with a rugged outfit as well to make this look more convincing. Learn more about red contact lenses on this link.

Black Out Contact Lenses – use this to make your sclera disappear this time. Completely blacked out eyes can make you look hunted. You can pretend as Ju-On from The Grudge. Just some piece of old tainted clothing and you will have the look ready. You don’t even have to say a word. Just open your mouth and people will surely tremble in fear. Ju-On is known worldwide and can easily be recognized by anyone.

FieryRed Contact Lenses – use this to show how bold you are. It can highlight your extreme side. It is best worn with a sexy costume to bring out the sexy villain within you. Try to impersonate a supposed to be a good character like how we all have known her when we were kids. Then turn that good character to villain. You can start with an Evil Cinderella or a Wicked Jasmine. This will make people wonder and you will surely turn some head around.

Warped Contact Lenses – Do you love science or any Sci-Fi movies? If so, try to have these warped eyes and then pair them with eye-catching green alien costumes. You would surely love the experience and you would be an apple among the crowd.

These are just four of many contact lenses that you can try. Just always bear in mind that when you are trying to put your shoe in a character, you should know how they act. You should give justice to it. Give your full attention and people would see the potential celebrity in you. Who knows, after the Halloween party, someone might even ask you for a coffee or movie date.