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What is Web Drive?

WebDrive integrates your web or FTP server into the Windows file system by mapping a drive letter to it.

This enables you to connect to a web or FTP server and perform familiar file operations like copy, xcopy, and directory functions with the Windows explorer,  a DOS box, or any other application like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. WebDrive instantly Internet enables any application that reads or writes files by allowing the application to read files from or write files to the web or FTP server.

WebDrive FTP Client Software Features & Benefits
FTP Support – WebDrive supports most FTP servers including, Unix, NT, VMS, IBM MVS, Macintosh, Novell, AS/400 and many more.

Microsoft FrontPage Support – Connect to any web server running the Microsoft FrontPage extensions.

WebDAV Support – WebDrive supports the WebDAV protocol which is an extension to the HTTP protocol.